“Liscio”. A word that indicates a genre of dance music, known throughout the world, but which also means community and union, variety and particularity. Liscio, in fact, embraces the tradition of a land and a community, that of the people of Emilia-Romagna, for whom hospitality and conviviality are still considered reasons for living.



Liscio is the popular tradition of the Emilia-Romagna region par excellence, not only because of its place in local history but because, in its many nuances of sounds, dances, instruments, clothes and customs, it perfectly embodies the cultural varieties spread throughout the territory.

The soundtrack to so many moments in life, Liscio grew and developed from the interweaving of multiple processes – historical, social and cultural. Entire generations played and danced in dance halls and at folk festivals, while their society underwent profound changes. Its early protagonists in the nineteenth and twentieth century were labourers, peasants, artisans, merchants and musicians who brought dances such as waltzes, polkas and mazurkas out of the bourgeois salons and created a more rhythmic, faster, more danceable style, more popular in the way they were played and experienced. From generation to generation, after the world wars, thanks to famous protagonists such as Casadei, Pattacini and Marcheselli, and celebrated orchestras, it has arrived in the second millennium to be played and danced to by Gen Z.

Today the world of Liscio continues to provoke great enthusiasm and every time an orchestra starts its evening with the ritual shout of “Vai col Liscio!”, a universe of notes and dance steps, songs and sounds, parties and colours comes to life…. a universe made of people and their stories.

Uomo e donna che ballano

The Emilia-Romagna Region, in collaboration with local authorities and operators, has created “Vai Liscio,” a project to monitor and enhance this authentic folk tradition with the aim, among other things, of collecting evidence of the vitality of Liscio and providing information about current events through web communication channels (the website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube).

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